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Abacus Examples explained with pictures showing bead movement. Exclusive access to Video graphic explanation of the Abacus Techniques. All the Abacus concepts have been explained in detail. All the abacus levels have been covered in one book only. Teachers help book, Parents help book, Scan the given QR code for Video-graphic explanation.

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Universal Abacus INC Academy has now released the most anticipated book on the Abacus Techniques. Developed for the age group of 7 to 14-year-old children, this self-help abacus tutorial comes as an appropriate way to introduce children into the world of Abacus. Written in simple language and covering all aspects of the Abacus Techniques, the book equips children with one of the most unique techniques useful for their overall personality development. Each concept has been explained here in detail with pictures showing bead movements. The most astonishing part of this book is “The child will get an exclusive right to access our video tutorials by scanning our “QR” code given in this book. So no need to go anywhere to learn abacus techniques now. Just grab a copy of this “Abacus Tutorial” and start your journey to become “Genius”. This book is also very helpful for teachers.

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