Abacus Tool-17 Rod-Combo Pack of 3


Abacus Tool-17 Rod-Combo Pack of 3


Set of 3 professional abacus tools of 17 rods each. SOLID PLASTIC FRAME This digit standard abacus is the abacus in classical form A GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOOL It features the system used before modern numerals that are still used in parts of the world by merchants, traders, and clerks. While learning on the abacus, the Math practice can be more effective because you may remember more.

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This is a combo of three Abacus Tools, First Abacus is Brown colored, the second one is Yellow-colored and the third one is Multicolored. Your child will definitely like this product. All the tools are 17 Rod Abacus. These are made of very fine quality plastic and are very durable. This helps the students to learn Abacus techniques. With the help of these tools, a child can learn how to do fast calculations

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 26 × 7 × 6 cm


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